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Working in LED industry for almost a decade, we have found a very interesting fact that LED lights and screens are somehow interconnecting in especially entertainment and architainment lighting market. Think about those scenarios: pixel lights are used for creating a pixel wall or a LED façade functioning as screen that runs dynamic video content and colorful effects; LED display units are integrated into a DJ booth, or other structures for stunning and HD lighting effects…You will also hear expressions like LED lighting display or LED display lighting. No matter what they are called, there is one fact we are very excited to find about: LED Lighting and display share features in terms of physical property and function in entertainment and architainment lighting market.

The way they are merging is through the infinite possibility to create phenomenal visual experience based on freeform exploration which has three basic elements: dot (or pixel), bar (or stick), and panel.

These three elements overlap the common three forms of LED lighting items: dot lighting, linear lighting, and panel lighting.

They are all capable of building a display for video show or colorful effects. The only thing that make them more capable than conventional LED display is their flexibility to create freeform LED screens. Either for video playback or colorful effects, a freeform work delivers impressive integrity and stronger visual impact.

To harness the power unleashed by LED lighting resonating with display for freeform style, there is still a lot to explore along the way.

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